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Hi guys, trying to stretch my Dune 2000 to 1080p like I do with CnC95 and RA1


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But I have no idea how to do this.  I've tried the HiRes patch available but it forces my game to be ultra small and it just isn't the look I want because its unplayable for me.


CnC95 and RA1 have these patches where you can make the default res stretch to any res you want and it looks really good at least to me and I want this for Dune 2000.  I managed to do this also with Warcraft 2 with something called ddraw.ini but I cannot get that to work with Dune 2000 sadly.


If anyone can help me please this would be good as I recently got Dune 2000 again and really want to enjoy it.  I have been searching for a solution all day.  I also plan to do Lets Plays of this game which is also why I need this solution as it makes multi monitor work correctly.


Thanks in advance for all help.

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dont mix up the high res patch from http://d2kplus.com/hires.php with the gruntmods installation, cause gruntmods and cncnet use a newer version of high res and they wont be compatible to each other :)


get the game from gruntmods first, choose your resolution via the dune 2000 config tool. then get dxwnd and you will be able to change the size of the window while the game is running :) here is my dxwnd including settings, might save you some time! http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/dxwnd.7z


dxwnd allows you to run the game in window mode, but you can turn that off if you want ... sadly it comes with 1million settings, i hope it will just work for you with mine :D if not, then you have no other choice than trying through all of them, i could get many things working with it but it takes some time to try through all

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Thanks guys.  Still havent managed to get it the way I want but I have managed to make a compromise.  I've put the game at 800x600 and it seems to help my multi monitor situation and it lets me record at that res which I can use on OBS to stretch it accordingly.


Awesome forum here.

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36 minutes ago, Glurak said:

i looking for something that workd like the 1.06 Patch for Tiberian Dawn  with the DDRAW wrapper.  Where i can just stretch the Game to 1080p with correct Aspect ratio for Dune2000


You can use this: https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases


It will only work in offline games though, you can't use it in online multiplayer atm. That's the same ddraw wrapper that's shipped with tiberian dawn btw, you can use the same settings with it.


If it doesn't work then you might have a old dune2000.exe, you can get the latest version here: http://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Dune2000/dune2000.exe

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Thx that worked fine except  Videos are not working. 


I just copy pasta the ini files from my CnC folder so maybe the entrys for the music and videos are wrong?


ok now everything works EXCEPT i cant scroll to the left because my mouse dont reache the left side of the Screen It stop some pixels before that. Like it is a invisible wall there. 


EDIT:  I did a clean reinstall and now everything works like i want. x)


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