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  1. Everytime i try t use the installer on Windows 10 it says HTTP Error 403 cant connect to server x(
  2. Hey guys i must say after i finished my lets play of the C&C Games. I startet with the Warcraft games. And the DDraw dll and ini works extremly good with Warcraft II. Its Amazing :-d
  3. So i got some requests in my Inbox for the German files to upload somwere. I uploaded my Edited Portable RA German Version but im not doing it very clean with the files etc. so eventually someone will clean up the dictonary ^^ im just an amateur in this. But it worked for me Part1: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/GY51YW9NIQ Part2: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/8SCLYW9N7ZG
  4. yepp the files was in there thx again x) So thx alot SO have you tipp for me how i could fix the extremly slowdowns in red alert 2 // Tibsun and playing in highres inclusive the movies ? In red alert 2 the videotoggle=yes doesnt work :-( the game crashes. But in Yuri works fine. I know wrong thread but i thought i give it a try :-D
  5. Mh ok i will see im at work too atm. But can contol my pc from here so i will check it now.
  6. i used now the English files that worked perfectly funny ;.D For the videos that cutted i used your uncut patch. The Game runs extremly fine now. THX for Help. Now only RA2 and Tiberian Sun and i can begin my lets play of the C&C Games. :-X Btw. the C&C Commuinity seems the friendliest Game and Mod COmmunity i`ve ever seen.
  7. Its german :-D I bought it on origin x) all games german :-D In which mix file is it in the English version ?
  8. mh i looked with XCC mixer didnt found something seems the german origin ultimate didnt have these files.... or im blind.. When somebody could upload the vqa files of the Original Soviet and allied campaign i would be very happy.
  9. Ok where can i find these files ? In the Ultimate edition
  10. Here the difference i have with german videos: Bad Qualy German Portable RA http://youtu.be/z5XQ0Te_HHs good Qualy English funkyfr3sh : http://youtu.be/_bs5kbrVtkY Good Qualy English Portable RA : http://youtu.be/7-OkuKf3al8 So what could be the reason thats the german videos looks so bad ? are the ultimate version shit? or do i something wrong ?
  11. Is it possible to add the german Videos in the Language patch? The German videos i have. have only extremly bad quality
  12. Ok seems that the videos that i extract from the ultimate version are bad... the videos from the uncensored german video patch works great (intro as example) but my videos i added hav bad dark lines very ugly ! Did someone now where can i get the german video files ?
  13. Ok i have now one problem localizing every video in german and every Mission Briefing in german. Can someone tell me which files i should use do no brok portable RA? The langulage oackes for uncensor german only is not enough there missing the videos and some Addon Mission Briefings
  14. Everything is working now. Sad that GDI Video Stretching not worked because i need to capture but in opengl mode i must capture my desktop it bad so i must see nobody see my dektop in the video :-D with GDI mode i could capture just the Game window. But that is an problem with i can life. Thx 4 help !
  15. ok have found a little problem the exe have some compatibility options like 256 coulors set and low reso now it works so far but video streching in gdi isnt working ? Edit: now it works in openGL too! Everything is working now. Thx x)
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