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cNick: Brothers! Heed my Call! Brothers! HEED MY CALL!


There lies beneath the heavens, those who would dispel and create lies! They cloak themselves in the softness of garments, They speak from beneath the broken decayed teeth of their corruption... in and again, they have spoiled our justice, rotten our virtue, and defiled our conscious'.  We see the tyrannical rule of Old once more, emerge into the light of day. My dear brother here lies charged of what crime? I ask YOU! On what motive of justice have our keepers failed to uphold their oath in protecting the individuals rights to freedom? Why has yet another brother of the clan of honor been silenced, been removed, and subjugated to humiliation? A man... No less virtuous then I, who follows the Word to the letter; preserver of peace and integrity, been discharged from the realm of man? Heed to the call, follow in the path of liberty, and justice. Let no free man be taken or imprisoned except for the lawful judgment of his peers..

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