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ra95-spawn.exe fatal error on Mac



Hi everyone,


Trying to troubleshoot an issue when playing the Red Alert (wineskin) program on Mac.


At different points (no noticeable pattern unfortunately) when playing a Skirmish or multiplayer game directly on LAN, the game crashes with an ra95-spawn.exe fatal error. It happens on various computers, MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac,...


Tried doing some searching around but didn't see any similar reports (sorry if I missed it somewhere). Has anyone had this issue before?





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The game is crashing sometimes, it is normal even on windows :) But it should not crash all the time, we usually play games with the length of 10-15mins and 1 out of 50 games is crashing. If you play longer games then the chance is higher ofc, it seems like using air units raises the chance for crashes. It could also be one of the new game options (e.g. Build off ally) causing the crash


Just use RA95.exe?


he cannot use that one if he likes to play online, cncnet is using different files for online games :)

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