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Is there a way to lower the tech level in the map settings? If so will the pregame settings over ride this?


The problem is when you set the recharge to 0 you will be able to spam. If you build a missile silo you will have unlimited missiles. I can only think of changing the tech level to stop this. -Crate Map settings-












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You can try... In multiplayer each side/house is listed as Multi1 to Multi8


What you can do is make a quick test map and put in





Now start CnCNet5 Skrimish. Set your Tech Level to max and start with no AI. If it works you sould find your self stuck at TechLevel 1.



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I'm not sure if it can be done with the CnCNet download, but in the actual game itself... yes.


If you were playing skirmish against the computer, you can choose tech level. That means, everyone can only build up to that tech level. If a specific building/vehicle/unit was only available at a specific tech level, and you set the tech level for that game at something lower... then you or the opponent(s) would not be able to build those specific buildings/vehicles/units.


If you were playing campaign mode, then you can't change the tech level as that's part of the story... you grow as you go through the story.


If you could modify the game itself (for instance, the *.INI files), you could change the tech level for any building/vehicle/unit.


I once changed the settings in a *.INI file where I could create Albert Einstein during campaign mode... only for Allies... accessible at tech level 1... with 5 times the human walking speed... with 10 times the human vision range... with 10 times the human shooting range... with the power of the tesla coil. (Yeah, I beat the game 10 times and got bored. So, I decided to play around.) ;)


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