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I get accused of cheating


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i noticed that a lot of other people get accused of cheating when playing Ra1. I see it all the time in the lobby.  I dont think there is any current way to cheat atm is there? Of course i would expect you to to post how its done if there is a way.

It could be that they're actually cheaters or they're just sore losers who have nothing else better to do than accuse others of cheating.


This reminds me of the old days of playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo64 with my dad.


My dad bought a Nintendo64 for the family He also bought Goldeneye and 3 extra (Nintendo brand) controllers (different colors) to go with it. Unfortunately, he wouldn't let me borrow any of the controllers if I ever went to a friend's house (who lacked extra controllers of their own). I bought my own controller (it was a Nintendo brand, exactly like every other controller, just a different color). One day, I was playing a few rounds of Goldeneye against my dad and my brother while using my own controller. Of course, I had already mastered the game (after playing it non-stop against everyone a million times). So, I kicked his butt repeatedly. What did he do? He accused me of using a special edition modified N64 controller that was "improving" my game.

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I get accused of cheating whenever I come home late, it's annoying.


This reminds me of the old days of playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo64 with my dad.

Goldeneye was awesome, especially in multiplayer. I used to use the extremely short Odd Job or the stick-figure Boris; they were so hard to kill (except with bazookas) so I'd win almost everytime and nobody knew why :D Ahh... good times.

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