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Player profiles?


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Hello everyone jus joined fourms was lurking around and thought it might be a good idea to start a player profile type deal. Just a lil basic information about people who still play ts seeing as most of us have 10 to 15 years under our belts. Simple things like players real name, active ts logs, occupation, age and maybe even a picture. If possible pic when u started playin and one now i think would be a funny idea. Jus lookin for imput if anyone agess with me ill start it off cant hurt maybe even bring ts community a little closer.

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I just rejoined today, played very competitively back in 1999-2001. I'd be happy to see who still plays this during that time frame. I usually was in Temple of Nod 2 Channel hanging out.  Had a variety of names but I believe this one was my most recognized.

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My real name is Sean Michael


Active TS logs, TRZ, Trianglez, + many more


Occupation : Sales, Lifeguard, Collector of c0rps tears.


Age 27


I started playing somewhere around 2000, on mods, then lil later joined champsite and started WW when a lot of  us made the switch together, joined some clans like crew* and -moon- played a lot with megaf0rce and ray101284, and adapted and learned the game. became the legend you all know and love today.





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