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Happy about this


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I was just in the lobby and was clicking on the all the new game rooms opened and seen that 2 different maps that i made getting hosted.  I guess my goal of making these maps was to get people to play them on their own rather than just when i host em. Feeling accomplished. Now i can move on to something else.

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yeah its actually extremely fun to do. The RAE is actually really powerful when it comes to shit you can do with it. Who ever made it did a kick ass job and the UI is retard proof. I started making maps  so i would have the advantage on everyone playing do to the fact i would know all the choke points and so on :).Then i realized it was fun to do not to mention i got tired of playing the same 5 maps over and over. I think i have made 20 our so maps in the last cple months and in that time i think i have seen one other person at this board make one :(

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I wished I was only 20, so that I had all the free time.

I did use to make RA maps as well. But that was 15 years ago.


I think the problem here is that others don't know how to share the map. Or think that they can't share the map.

With others games besides of RA, players are unaware that they could make maps.

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I had a lot of SC maps on my name 10 years ago, also hosted by others. But they are all gone now. (Well, I didn't put them on a site, nor back upped them all, my own mistake)

Bottom line: It won't last forever ;)


If you want it to be more durable, you have to start creating single player missions. ( Oh man! I can tell stories about these adventures)

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