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Naval Units disabled?


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Playing a spam map is one thing.

Having a lots of lots of money is another.


But then, naval was suddenly not possible for me any more.

All naval, (see ... attachment?), was not available.

Is this a glitch that I have yet to learn of?



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From the rules.ini/spawn.dpx


; ******* Object Heap Maximums *******

; These are the absolute maximum number of these object types

; allowed in the game (at any one time).


Players=8 ; ipx layer limits this to 8 maximum





Factory=32              ; 32 is minimum for 8 player game


Overlay=1              ; special case -- only needs one

Projectile=20          ; projectile types, not actual projectiles

Smudge=1                ; special case -- only needs one



Template=1              ; special case -- only needs one

Terrain=500            ; trees and rocks

TrigType=80            ; trigger types

Trigger=200            ; triggers themselves



Warhead=10              ; warhead types, not actual warheads

Weapon=55              ; weapon types, not actual weapons

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Ok, I don't see the naval units specified in that list. How is it called?

We all could still build tanks etc. So the total unit cap was not reached yet.


The allieds do have something good themselves. And it can be abused easily.

I will make good use of this knowledge now, mhuahahaha.

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Ships are listed as Vessel= in the Object Heap Maximums.


The caps you need are to know are. 500 max for Infantry and Unit (Tanks). 100 for Aircraft (both Airplane and Helos) and Vessel (Ships). 32 max for all Factory (Con Yars, Barracks, Weapons, Factory Helipads, Airstrips, Naval Yards, Sub Pens and Dog Kennel)

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