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Most Lucky/Unlocky Games Played?


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What's the most lucky or most unlucky game you ever played when playing online or against someone else?


The most lucky game was when the game started with my starting point and my friend's staring point being next to each other (but out of view). My starting point was perfect and I set up my MCV on the spot. While building my buildings, I sent out a soldier to scout the northwest of my base. Within seconds, I came across his troops... still looking for a place to settle. He started next to a tiberium patch and decided to move south a bit to find a better spot. Half of his units were moving north. So, I managed to wipe out his units and MCV before it was set up. Game ended within 1 minute. (This was Tiberian Dawn via modem match.)


The most unlucky game was when my friend and I were busy building our bases and getting ready to start a fight. Halfway through the game, my buildings started blowing up one by one without me seeing what was happening. Also, I tried looking for his base... but couldn't find it. Apparently, he got lucky and a couple crates appeared in his base. His harvester picked those crates up and most were stealth powerups. Since the buildings were within the 3x3 grid of the powerup, they turned invisible along with the harvesters. Those harvesters were there when I walked by, I just never saw them. Same for the buildings. As for my base blowing up, it was his army of commandos. When he noticed that his base turned invisible, he decided to take a big risk with the next crate. He created a bunch of commandos and had them all stand within the 3x3 grid of a crate. What is it? A stealth powerup! So, he simply walked into my base and started blowing up buildings. Game was over FAST!

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when playing Tib Dawn this one time, a player attacked me with about 20 bikes, and his units were fighting my units in my base, when a crate spawns. I grab the crate and it drops a nuke on the battle between 2 armies, wiping out all of his units and most of mine, as well a few of my buildings :|

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