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Lesson to all, Activate "Short Game"


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Obviously my mistake in not having short game activated, my first round. Only to learning of this option 5 days later. Thanks W32 :D


Any way, the game prior to the real stuff, 1 week ago:

I think this guy set up a patrol waypoint for 1 air unit in the upper left corner. Above water, where no hoover can reach, nor a SAM.

I did see something going left/right/left/right.


Thus the game never could end. To bad for him, I simply left and noted his name. Since I have no proof, I am not telling who it was. But this guy will have a hard time getting into my games from now on.


Any way, this is a lesson to be learned. USE the option short game.

This also removes any unwanted stealth hiding or infantry hiding. Nor will one hide under a bridge.


Now that I think about it, EMP is a valid option :)

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