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(Wht)Charmed Savanna 2v2

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I think this is my very first, actual, 2v2. (made 4 way that can be used for 2v2, but this one is NOT 4 way).


It's left vs right, and like most of my maps, it opens up more as you push out.

Hope it makes for some good games :D



Update 26/3/2015

-Updated name to include [2v2]

-Made sure that tib was even (the picture below wasn't updated, so you can see the fix area with the tiberium that sits between the allied main base areas)


Update 27/4/2015

-Fixed spawning bug




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They should just be the waypoints...


I have no idea what tweaking cncnet did with this, but in my version, the internal maximum of players was reduced from 6 to the amount waypoints on the map to prevent any problems with those start positions.


Though I did cut it off at 12 possible waypoints, so only 0 to 11 work as starting positions.

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Well I just used WPs 0-3, that should be fine? Pretty sure that's the same thing I did on PinWheel. But I have players starting up on top the the cliffs (where you can't get away).

In fact, I've never yet had a player start on a WP. I don't even know how it's choosing such random positions to start at :S



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Uh... I just downloaded your map, and it doesn't use regular Windows line breaks... it uses Unix-style 0A bytes only. Maybe that's the problem?


You can fix this easily by opening the file in Wordpad (not notepad) and re-saving it there.

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