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I have updated the RAED download. :)


RAED 1.26 - Map Editor



RAED is a fully featured map editor for Red Alert, it has a lot more features than the Edwin the map editor included with Red Alert for example:


- Placement of units and structures.

- Interior maps.

- Triggers


With RAED you can create both multiplayer and singleplayer maps!


This download includes Nyerguds' stripped down main.mix and the original redalert.mix so you can run it "out of the box".


The 1.26 version of RAED is a modified version of 1.25 and the fixes in 1.26 include:

- Reads map numbers over 100,

- Reads maps with scmd#ea, scme#ea, scmf#ea etc filenames (Aftermath maps).


The 1.26 version updates has been updated by Nyerguds.


Filesize: 16,2 MB

WARNING: main.mix becomes a 400 mb file after extracting!

Download page

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I've been doing some more work on this... well, not hacking, but stripping the files to reduce the filesize. I now got a full stand-alone 'lite' version of about 14 mb (7 mb when rarred).


I still have to add a warning to it that the files are stripped though, and shouldn't ever be put in a red alert folder. For example, the redalert.mix only still contains hires.mix :P


I'm also working on a permament solution for TFD. Since we figured out that the real problem occurs with non-encrypted mixfiles, I figured that editing TFD's main.mix and the included general.mix with that encryprion would solve the problem. I did some tests, and indeed, it works. So I'm going to ask Nathan to add a new main.mix patch in the next version to fix that.

These patches only take up the size of some indexing tables and then any added content, so the patch to do this should be tiny, since no content will be added :)




RAEd Full (29 MB)


This is perfectly safe to put in your RA folder. All files in the pack are 100% usable by RA. The only difference with the normal RA files is that the general.mix in this contains all missions and maps of Counterstrike and The Aftermath.


RAEd Lite (7 mb)




The mixfiles in this pack are stripped to the minimum needed to run RAED.

They should NEVER be put in a Red Alert game directory.


Unrar this in a separate folder!


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