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Can anyone help me?


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Hi all!


After trying all kinds of things for a long time I finally found a way for TS to work on my Mac, it's perfect, ah the memories! I'm using the porting kit, and after I have installed it the rules.ini are stored in the TIBSUN.mix file. I did some research because I really, really want to be able to build the light tower and the different coloured light posts as I enjoy base building and have seen videos of it. But I also want to change the resolution to 1280x800 to fit my screen.


The problem is that I have tried to edit the .mix file with TextEdit first, which made the game crash, then I tried installing XCC Mix Editor by using Crossover but that didn't work either. The problem is that I'm on a mac and I can't use any of the editors :(


My big question is if there's anyone who already have done this to their own mix file that could somehow share it with me or if someone could help me out with it? The TS version I have installed is TSinstaller12.exe. Please!



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