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I appear to have run into a bug that occurs when you alt-tab out of the game.


What happens is that at first the the cursor doesnt move around in the menu that you get when pausing the game (Im running the single player version btw). After a bit the game just locks up entirely and forces me to use ctrl-alt-delete to close it.


Basically dont alt-tab out of the game.

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Also, has anyone played any part of the single player campaign? At all? I'm running into bugs left right and center.


In the inbetween mission screen between missions 4 and 5 of the GDI campaign the game first froze then crashed. then about 5 minutes into the 5th mission the game just closed on me. No error message, just woop the game closed.


And to forstall your next question I downloaded it about 6 hours ago.

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