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Looking for 2VS2 map ideas


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I made this thread for anyone who has ideas to input towards a 2 VS 2 style westwood map.


If we can get a general idea of what the majority of players would like I would be willing to create such a map...


I know that most players would probably want something with fair starting positions for all 4 players.


I would probably create something similar to Terrace that could be used as a 1 VS 1 map also.



The more important things to consider:


- map width and height dimensions? (larger or smaller then terrace?)

- tiberium amounts and locations? (how much blue & green tiberium should be on the map?)

- map terrain & accessability? (should there be cliffs, entry points but not ridiculous bottlenecks like bbg, high and low ground like terrace or just simple flat?)

- veinholes? (should NOD be able to utilize their chemical missile technology?)


anything else that I have not mentioned here that anyone would like to suggest is also welcome...

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Guest Mechacaseal

idk but id like to see some good user made maps come with cncnet. dont copy terrace come up with your own lol.

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I think no 1v1/2v2 map should be much bigger than terrace. We don't need another open map without terrain for 1v1/2v2, and if you use cliffs and entry points for a map larger than terrace, then it's gonna end up like FF, which most people don't enjoy with less than 6 players.

The problem with most of the original 2-4 player TS/FS maps is that they offer a very poor long game experience. And judging from the fact that nobody seems to play those maps or 8er maps with 2-4 players, we don't need one dimensional maps, where you can only go short or long game. We need maps where everyone can play for their strengths (like terrace), whether it is crazy KO-BOs, mid game domination or long game endurance. Not to demotivate you, but I honestly have no clue how to make a map that people would enjoy as much as terrace without it being almost a copy of it.


I think we should look at all the maps out there and make notes what we do and do not like about them. For example, I always enjoyed A river runs near it. While it has horrible terrain in some spots, the small tib fields in the mains made it really interesting. So maybe a map with lots of tib overall, but devided into many small fields (with trees) could be worth thinking about or testing even.

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Hey sky, long time no see :). I'd love to see a moderated 2v2 terrace map. Making TR look like BL and making TL look like BR. Tib fields and placements to be perfectly balanced. I know a lot of people don't like absolute symmetry when it comes to TS...that's what makes it different than starcraft and other RTS games. However, I'd like to see a very balanced terrace without having troubles glitching out of TL or complaints. Would be great if you could do this!

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Hey guys. I absolutely agree with what u guys have said. Thats why its so hard to come up with a design that offers similar game play style as terrace, but also allowing players to use different strategies and staying away from easy 'bunking' and unlimited tiberium style maps.


If you guys would like a version of Terrace so you didnt have to build to the left to expand towards the middle out of Top Left position if u dont know how to 'fast click' glitch build over the cliff near the front entry which is also much faster than building to the left to expand.


This would be very simple for me to do. Everything else would remain the same.


I did spend alot of time on a map i created last year similar to FF but revamped to create more equalness but not so far as to absolute symmetry.


The map was called 'River Passage' i think tsplayer has it i have no backup of the file anywhere.


It would be much more easier to distribute online via the cncnet client as it is a feature rich map and wasnt able to be transferred to players on old WOL due to its limitations.

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Maybe just add 2 players to tezz close together in the middle who will have to fight it out until there allies send in back up,

I made many ww style maps in the past which never got played due to never being able to share on xwis

I think players starting in a weaker spot set a good challenge to the game, which sounds strange coming from a mod map maker :)

But it would be nice to see some more maps coming to the game without visc on them...

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