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Tiberian Dawn - Renegde maps - (2)

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After a night of testing I've finally fixed the bugs involved with these maps, and am posting them now :P


These maps are differnt to the regular multiplayer maps as they are created to be played in a speacial way and futhur more, requite you to do a little alteration to your conquer.ini file in order to use them. They are also only playable via LAN and obviously CCNet. The change is simple, just open the conquer.ini file (double click it) and under the "LANplayers=6" change the 6 to a 2, remember when you're done playing these maps to change it back again, there's a screen shot at the bottom of the place to change in the file.


Set up:

Bases - Off

Tiberium - On

Crates - On or Off (you might find the game will last longer with them off)

AI - OFF (important one)

0 - credits

1 - unit       (remember to check after you turn bases off)

7 - tech


One player is to play as GDI and the other Nod. It'd be wierd, perticulilly in [R]Walls, if you didn't.


How to play:

These maps are made to be played like renagade, so let me explaion how they work.

When the game starts the unit's you start with will be gunned down by towers on the hills, forget them and the towers, they are only there to get rid of them becasue they are not part of the map. Unfortunately the bases will always be randomised between the two of you, so if your Nod and get the GDI base etc, then just restart until you have the apropriate bases.


First sell your super weapon and your communications center, then build 1 harvister.

I'd say maybe have a rule not to build more than one harvister at a time, or at least not have more than on harvisting at a time.

There are areas on both maps that are infantry only, those are usually tunnel in renagade.


On Field, all the entraces to the tunnels are marked with concrete walls, all the centre top area in the cliffs that has walls all through it.


On Walls, it's the circley bit in the middle, so everything has to drive around the edges of the central "mountain".


On Under, it's the 2 areas in the top middle.


Here are some screen shots of the levels ([R]Under is atually in snow, not winter as this shot shows), and an example of where to change your "conquer.ini" file, so you and your friend can play.


Any other questions, feel free to ask, thanks.










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