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Downloading TS&FS Campaigns



Clicked download above the TS Xmas picture, seems to install correctly at the start but the progress bar doesn't move. Waited a couple hours, thought the bar would just jump and finish near the end but didn't. File size showed 262 GB but downloaded more than that, timer was going up but remaining time was 00:00. Once it hit the 1 hour and 26 minute mark with 300 GB downloaded I cancelled :/


The first link below is the one I used, currently on a laptop but shouldn't be the issue.. I've been playing StarCraft 2 with moderate graphics and it works great, thought C&C would work even better but guess not. Don't know if it's an issue on my side or if I'm not installing correctly but any help to get single player campaign for TS & FS would be greatly appreciated!!




Also, I tried this 2nd link below as well except the file size is smaller and the remaining time was 30 minutes. Downloaded perfectly, once finished a menu popped up with a GDI Titan and APC to the left, and Nod Banshees with an Obelisk to the right. Options were Single Player Campaign, Play Skirmish, multiplayer, options and map editor.


Clicked Single Player & the program started, EVA starts with "Installing, please standby" sound was working, and I used to own a copy like 8 years ago, before it was lost, so I know at the start it would give the option to choose from Tiberian Sun to the left, or Fire Storm to the right. When I move the mouse I can hear the sound the cursor hovering over both options... But the screen is just black. Everything works except the screen or video, or it could be something about this laptop. I have no clue, again any help to work around the visual side would be extremely helpful!!!




******Skirmish works for the 2nd Link****** Would love to play the campaigns tho, childhood stuff right here!

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Guest Mechacaseal

It's definitely a laptop problem. I've seen people posting fix files before for same issues.


not to jack this thread but http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta10r4.exe froze on me during downloading of assets/installation. honestly should just distribute the complete package with everything already in it rather than downloading it during the install that way it can be mirrored and hosted on torrent sites better. im left just using retail installations since its less tedious.


i slapped together a multiplayer only no need to install ts version besides shared internet components installer a few months ago: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1DchSHcHcObNjFkQ1dVV0FZOU0/view


im gonna look into throwing the campaign files into that bitch. i fail to see the need for a installer for ts.


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Guest Mechacaseal

File size showed 262 GB but downloaded more than that, timer was going up but remaining time was 00:00. Once it hit the 1 hour and 26 minute mark with 300 GB downloaded I cancelled :/

wat. I believe you mean megabytes?


No he got the nextgen graphics pack

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