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Clicking 'Options' in-game for skirmish and online freezes the game


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So the title is self-explanatory. Every time I play an online or skirmish match in Tiberian Sun, the game freezes and I can't click on anything. I can still hear the music in the background and when I alt+tab out and alt+tab back in I get a black screen but can still hear the background music. I want to change the scroll rate in the options but this problem keeps occurring. Please help!


I forgot to mention that the options menu works just fine in the full version (beta) for windows. But if I wanted to play on a mac I would still run into this problem.

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There is a problem with the options menu on macs, it doesnt show up and it looks like the game froze for some players. You can go to settings via the game launcher and change your scroll rate in there outside of the game until the problem was fixed. The other option is to turn ts-ddraw off in the settings, but then your game performance might be really bad

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