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Red Alert 2 - Advanced AI - Tiberium Field BETA 1.0 - OFFICIAL


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Tiberium Field Beta 1.0


Hello everyone,


I need your help! Using the the map below, the game crashes and I can not find out why, I've been searching around for a few months now and for the life of my can not figure out why the game crashes, if someone could please test it out, tweak the map and fix it I'll love them forever. I also can't get the Light [LTNK] and Howitzer [HOWI] tanks to work.


Thanks all, good luck!


New Versions

File 1

Map: Tiberium Field

Size: Was 940 KB

Has modified .INI


File 2

Map: Tiberium Field Core

Size: Was 405 KB

No .INI (able to edit in Final Alert 2)


Good luck everyone!



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There's no way to delete previous comments.

No, I just meant, delete and replace the attachment. Normal users indeed can't delete posts. Anyway, I cleaned it up for you.


Can't help you with RA2 ini coding, though, sorry. Never done that  O_o

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