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What can you offer CnCNet? (Show your bravado).


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CnCNet is always looking for good people to take part in its system (including the forums).


What good and wholesome stuff can you bring to it?


This is a chance to show some bravado lads, so I expect some of you to remove the stops (in any manner of the way).

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I make pretty maps if I have time. I always help out people who want to learn the game or get better. Aside from that, I'm a professional writer for TV shows and commercials, which means I can potentially generate some content (fan-fics, jokes, etc.) if that is needed for some SOE shit or just to generally make the site/client richer.

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Guest Mechacaseal

i wanted to get back into 3d animation recently. i actually uninstalled all my games after reinstalling windows and now just have graphics tools installed. been too busy making camera video on youtube tho to get started. obviously ive thought about asking for a graphics section to have art contests and shit

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