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Current CnCNet features and possible features?


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Currently CnCNet uses a very elegent set of features to get its job done, which ones does it need to improve and which ones could we add to the program to make it more effective for ease of use and stability of experience?


Go at it lads, lets flesh some good stuff out here!



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Might I offer.. a login password?


or a not so important, would be cool feature,  all those that join a game lobby join a voice chat channel

and when the game starts it automatically moves them to a channel for those that ally(team channel)


  -----  voice chatting instead of type chatting in lobby and in game automatically your time has come!-----


and if it could get drinks and go to the bathroom for me so i wouldn't have to get up that would be absolutely fantastic!


seriously it rocks as it is. Thank you to all that have helped!!!

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One feature I think would be good, would be a video conversation system for webcams to make the experience a bit more interesting.


As well, a simplification process for each revision of the GUI would be good, as well as code (I hope funkyfr3sh is doing that).


Had the idea of adding more character to the system as well in small bits.


How can the CnCNet team simplify it?

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