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Get gold (tiberium) when kill enemy force (infantry, etc)


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Hi community, i am new here, i try to build multiplayer mod map with FINALSUN, i get to do certain things, but even I have work to do. now i need helpt with this:


- When Team 1 (Spawn1) kill light infantry them must obtain 1 of gold (tiberium in this case).

- When Team 1 (Spawn1) kill tick tank them must obtain 10 of gold (tiberium in this case).


Exist any way to do this.

Thanks again.

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ETF do you think this is a moba? fun fact tho. nod was going to be able to harvest dead units on the battlefield but the idea was scrapped. Since in the campaign you could kill cargo trucks that had crates or units pop out once killed im sure there's probably a way to make them drop money crates when killed. i never seen it done before but maybe finding those missions and looking at them in notepad to find the code could help. This is a dumb idea tho. Go play league of legends.

STEFOR!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you!!!!!!!!!! ;*( Are you on FaceBook???????? ;*D Sometimes I've thought back to the old Champsite days and felt guilty, thinking I should've posted more when it was going through its waning days!!!!!!!!!!!! ;*( And is Kanexxz still involved in the community?????/ ;*O He had such a great personality!!!!!!!!! ;*D

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