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What's Your favourite Westwood Command & Conquer Game And Give A Good Reason.


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It's a matter of opinion but give a good reason why.

I can't say because I have only played TD TS RA

But even though I haven't played RA 2 (which I can soon, thanks to CnCNet),out of the three out I have played-


I have reasons for all of them-

Tiberium Dawn-I love the story and futuristic, epic style to the game, the music it awesome too. Its also more balanced than RA in my opinion. Good story, Great Music,Fantastic Multiplayer. Whats not to love?


Tiberium Sun-Although its my least favourite on this list I love the graphics,I love titans and the music is interesting and its a good fun overall but doesn't beat the original,but as I have not played as much as the others I can not praise it as much a it deserves.


Red Alert-If it was down to nostalgia it would be RA that wins instantly ah,the PS1 days the screen zoomed in like a magnifying glass.But RA has great style 1950's cold war.Best music to date in the series for me.Great units.Its a very serious game.Funny cutscenes like TD and overall it just felt right,it was smooth and a solid game.


But I can't decide what it my personal best,I'll edit this post and tell you my answer soon.


Tell me your favourite.


NOTE:Dune series is allowed. 8)

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C&C1 will always remain my favourite.


Next in line is Dune II. Looove that game.


After that... Imma say TS: Firestorm. The campaign briefing style of that game was back to the old way, after the TS "look this dude is supposed to be you" thing -_-

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Tiberian dawn.  The mix of RL weapons with just enough sci-fi thrown in is a perfect mix to me.  Orcas-- not the best unit, but a neat concept and I always thought they looked cool.  A-10 warthogs dropping napalm.  The freakin' commando smoking a cigar and tossing out badass lines.  Pretty green Tiberium crystals.  Stealth Tanks.  Flame Tanks.  Shittily awesome FMV.  Seth... Kane... Greg Burdette... Yeah that's right, Greg Burdette.  I live in Las Vegas where TD was made and he was a local weatherman here so I was quite shocked when I saw him in this freakin' awesome game; it really brought it close to home.  Speaking of which, the desert theater.  Oh and how can I forget the great MP balancing.


I'd have to agree with Nyer about TS's making me assume the character played by Michael Beihn.  I really liked in TD how they were creating the illusion that they were addressing the player directly.  Also even the "coming Soon" trailer for TS in TD looked unappealing to me.  If I wanted that, I'd just play Mech Warrior 2... lol


My second favorite may come as a shock, but it's actually RA2/YR.  A far, far, distant second but I appreciated some of the features like building queues, setting waypoints, the select all of a certain unit on the map, etc.  But let's face it, the real star of that show was Tanya's tits.  And the Badguy from Robocop as the president... Hilarious!  XD

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TS.  It was the first game I'd owned, like not my Dad's or a sibling... but mine.  My buddy and I would play it all weekend and take turns, I gave him the Nod disc and I took the GDI.  I love the art, the music, the units, the terrain.  Everything about it really, it was also probably my first internet gaming experience besides Quake2, but it sucked because when my buddy was online playing I couldn't play and vice-versa :(.

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