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CnCNet & Ares


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I would like to run Ares with CnCNet (when launching the game from CnCNet's skirmish lobby).  I keep seeing screenshots like below:




Unfortunately, I do not know how to find this in order for Ares to run when CnCNet launches Yuri's Revenge.  BTW: I have run Ares with the bat file they provided and Ares is working in the game (but that bat is not currently in the directory).


I have looked all around at different forums but I am a layman when it comes to this stuff, so the answer could have been in front of my nose, sorry if it was.  If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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What you are seeing is a screenshot of CnCNet 4. I'm not sure if CnCNet 5 works with Ares, there was some talk about making a CnCNet DLL file that could work with Ares, but I have no idea where that idea went.

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