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C&C Red Alert Skirmish.


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It had to be this way or it would suck to have to fight a land locked Navy with tanks. I would be nice to have the AI build a navy but it would need to be done by a map key NavalMap= yes/no that would tell the AI to build a Sub Pen/Naval Yard and it would only build it after the player built a Sub Pen/Naval Yard of there own.

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In multiplayer, what # player you are seems fairly random, but in skirmish it seems the player is always multi1 and any computers are multi2 and so on.  So you can have a constant trigger after a certain amount of time elapses that the computer(multi2) gets reinforcements of battleships and transports.  For the transport team, have some land units in the team and add unload to its list of orders and it will unload the land units of its team onto land you have its arrival waypoint at. In a map I tried it, subs get stuck off the border of the map and you just see their front poking it.  So if it that happens you just gotta place multi2 subs in the map to start with.  Or customizing the paratroopers teamtype to ships allows the computer to paradrop any ship or sub except not any transports.


See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2599.0 and in my Frozen/Thawed Shards of Caina/Luna maps which are designed for multiplayer but the computer will paradrop ships and subs.  See http://gokuma.voila.net/cnc.html

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 Sadly, the AI never builds navy or Air Force of any kind..I think I've seen AI build a single airfield once with a Mig...occasionally they build Helis but only one ..id love if AI used a more diverse strategy or if we could pick what type of strategy or type each AI would be ...examples like (aggressive with strong Air Force, passive with strong navy etc etc



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