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LOW FPS FIXED on Windows 10



Hello guys, few days ago i posted about Yuri's revenge and low FPS, now i know how to fix it. you have just to downgrade your resolution.

Of course this is not such a great idea because you will see less on the map. So I remeber there was some softwares to improve FPS in high resolution for your, resolution like 1920x1080. Any suggestions ?

PS: In the single player game, if I run directly the game, not the CNCNET, the game work smooth even at 1920x1080. The problem is just on CNCNET

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The game works only if the executable has its original name, the yuri client is using the filename "game.dat" which is causing the bug. Thats why the game works perfectly fine when started without cncnet


Actually the game doesn't work at all on windows 8/10, the reason why it works is that windows detects the game by the filename(and some other things) and applies compatibility settings automatically


If you don't want to wait for the update, then get the "Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit" and apply the settings on your own. I extracted the settings from the microsoft db, you can find them here:


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