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CnCNet releases first look into leaderboard

Guest neogrant

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Hello all!


CnCnet hopes to be releasing its first leaderboard soon, supporting in release 1, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun. Here's a couple of snazzy screenshots to have a look over!


Developers and/or watchers can find our Github repo here. Feel free to follow us on our progress or contribute!






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things that need to be considered.


1. #1 player wont play other players that are good just so they can remain #1 since this is based on points given for games won/lost.


2. the points should be irrelevant and the ranking should be indicative of skill level beat, meaning there should be values placed on higher rank players


3. wins should move you up a certain amount of the distance between your rank and the rank of the person you beat if they are above you


4. if you beat someone below you then your rank should not move or, those wins should be the wins based on the point system


5. the top players should be required to play against players of lower ranks or they should be automatically moved down a few positions each or every other day


6. #1 vs #2: the #2 player should have to beat the #1 player TWO times to take the #1 title. 1st time would be to move up the distance between rank (point #3 even though the distance is only one. that would mean its a tie for #1) and 2nd time should be to takeover the #1 spot.


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