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A few question


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It's a tile of beach, repeated over and over again. Byte pair "BA 04", if I recall correctly (if you edit the map in a hex editor or with cc-scen).


As for cc-scen, in its own it's a really annoying tool to work with. However, I made a batch file to use it purely for editing maps (as the name says, cc-scen is made as a full scneario editor). You can get that here:


As far as I know, it only runs in DOSBox though. It has 2 parameters... /v and /e, for Viewing and Editing a map. These parameters have to be put BEHIND the file to open though:


map.bat scb03ea.bin /e


The editing mode asks an extra confirmation after you exit cc-scen's graphical interface ("are you sure you want to save this map to .... ?"). Note that if you never push the [save] button in cc-scen, there will obviously not be any changes in the map.


cc-scen interface:



Also note that you can't use cc-scen on maps edited with XCC, unless you use the xcc map cleanup tool I wrote, since the odd way XC uses to save default terrain will make it show up as white (river) instead of green in cc-scen.



I don't know if I actually still have the tools to insert / export ini files into cc-scen files though. The whole system is kinda silly, so I don't use it for that.

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Well, what I did was simply placing one 1x1 tile over and over again (I used the small rock in water. If I remember correctly that's '05 00'). Then I opened the map in a hex editor and did a search and replace from 05 00 to BA 04 :P


And yeah, XCC Editor and CCMap are both sorely missing a simple Copy & Paste function for the terrain -_-

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