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C&C1-style small infantry?


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I'm not a fan of the larger infantry sprites in RA and prefer the C&C1-sized spirited. Infantry is already offscale compared to buildings and units, no need to make than even worse. I vaguely recall that the size of the sprites can be modded. Is that correct and if yes, how can it be done?

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You can get the SHPs from the DOS files and replace the high res ones... I believe they are inside redalert.mix\lores.mix.


Keep in mind I have not tried this, though, since I used the unofficial patch that has an option to automatically do this on runtime.


One thing that has always bothered me is that even in the DOS version Attack Dogs never came with a small version, so they look absolutely huge and pixelated, almost the size of a human. Do any SHPs of a small dog exist?


EDIT: Browsing through my old files, look at what I found... apparently I managed the get the files from this post before they got offline, IMHO they're decent quality resizes of the attack dog, so someone should archive them before they're lost again!




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