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Is CnCnet working like xwis?


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RA2 isn't supported yet (although they've announced it for this summer and the clock is ticking...).


The only way you can (sort of) play RA2 on CnCNet is to get the YR client and tick the RA2 mode option.


And no, you can't access the game from the Internet button ingame. You need a client that you can download from the CnCNet website that already launches you into the game when you set it up.

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Would I have to install my cd version?


Cause if I did that, then that would casue issues with features I am utilizing with XWIS.


Of course you can. Normally you install ra2 then yuri revenge . If you don't own a original yuri revenge i think its still possible to install a cracked one over your ra2. Aftert that download cnc client for yuri revenge. Remember your name must be MAX 12 characters or you will be unable to join.


The difference between cncnet and XWIS is that you can't cheat on cncnet. :D


Also on XWIS you dont hav lag but in cnc if you play in a match with 5 peoples for example and 2 or even 1 has a 3mb internet connection you will hav build stuttering and screen stuttering. I recommend hav a minium of 10 mb. I hav 6mb and im still stuttering a bit not rlly much.


ALSO again if you use the first decade 1.03 patch maybe you will hav problems i dont rlly know but i seen peoples using it and no problems for now.

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