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  1. those are rookie numbers these days
  2. 11. Prep playing the game instead of only talking about it On a serious note; i dont think #2 is such a good idea as it means not everyone is on a even playing field. Ppl will just take 1 map and put dumb rules and play only that shit and kick everyone Who is better as them. This will result in flattered ranks. I think playing random maps and players is part of the system if you want to play competitive.
  3. Jake, like always you are thinking in vacuums and absolutes.
  4. yes, engi rushing is cheap, take no real skill and can end the game very quickly even if you are much less skilled as your opponent.
  5. to get an idea about this you should add a poll about multi engi, engi eat and bailing yuri.
  6. implement multi engi, no engi eat and ability to veto playing against yuri and you should see a big increase in players. im fine with it, the majority of people will prolly be fine with it but its up the the people that manage qm if they really want to implement it.
  7. cheating and pushing is even more efficient.
  8. the ladder is fine now i think. martin is doing a good job moderating it and adding en editing maps. the issue SodswSov pointed out, and has been pointed out dozen of times, should be fixed asap. one of the most annoying issues in the ladder and to me it seems like it would be an easy fix. the ladder became a bit more inactive the last months, not sure why. pretty sure the laming and yuri is trowing alot of people off. but what can you do except for adding multi engi and giving the option to bail yuri, which wont happen. the real question is, why are you not playing the ladder when you are always so devoted to it prep?
  9. Making alot of posts for someone who doesnt care. Anyway like matt allready stated you are a one trick pony with mediocre skills at best. You are the biggest narcissist and pathological liar i ever met in this game. i NEVER see you beating good players consistently. as a matter of fact i've never lost to your allied and soviet besides a few times where u got a cheap engi win. whenever you feel confident after u been pushing and finally accept to play a good player as non yuri u get slapped and bail the next game saying u are tired, drunk, cold fingers w/e. take away all these games against zen and u'll only find games against lower skilled plyers and some games against good players where you lost 90% of them and NEVER more then 1 in a row because u knew they would have taken more of ur points. this together with all the obvious evidence everyone else allready pointed out and you always boasting in discord abour being rank 1 which is clearly very important for ur ego makes it pretty clear to me you have no problem to go this far pushing your way into rank1 to feed ur narcissism. Like i told you many times before, your words dont hold any value as you are always making up stuff and twisting facts so i wonder how you expect ppl to believe ur dodgy excuses here. also your attempt to redeem yourself by giving out prizemoney for qm next month is laughable. 100% sure not a penny will be rewarded to the ppl who reach thespots you claim to award. dident you claim you would do something similar and not play yourself this month?
  10. ye its pretty obvious when andy is playing zen 50% of his games and winning them all. when you look at the other 50% of the games you only see games vs low skilled players and the games vs better players are all lost, he is even losing to heisonly https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/10-2018/yr/games/54081
  11. I did not know bluysy, he probably played another game as i do. To loose your husband like that is terrible, my condolences.
  12. Thanks. It was set at default. Changed it to something i dont remember. Fixed all issues except the scorescreen which still has the same issue but only for ranked games.
  13. they should tho, these noobs need to get enlightened.
  14. seems like it only became worse, 250 people online, but seems like not even 10% is playing official settings & maps. is there no way to turn the tides? seems like the group of decent players playing official settings is only around 50 - 100 people... really cant comprehend why people enjoy unlimited money & mod maps so much.
  15. When game ends and goes to score screen it just freezes there. i dont see scores, just the chrono legionaire, i need to force close the game. when minimizing the game and opening it again; 50% of the times i have this issue where the game seems to open but screen freezes on desktop screen so again i have to force close the game. dident really had these issues before, i recently reinstalled the game. im on win10. @RaVaGe seems to have the same problem.
  16. Watch video's and play ranked games, DONT play mod maps and crates games.
  17. sure you can also just attack them with only tanks if you dont mind losing alot of them.
  18. i also miss hamid, great guy
  19. zhas has not been online for some time now. but you might like this game where i played zhas in dune patrol which was also very close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63MMeuGhvHM&t=428s
  20. sure it was a gg. but soviet vs soviet on blood feud, couldent imagine anything more boring.
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