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  1. Was trying to QM tonight and at first I put in the wrong password but then I put in the correct one and ever since It will go to connecting to cncnet then just go back to the main page. Is this on my end?
  2. That’s not true at all. Soviet are strong but not as powerful as people make them out to be
  3. That’s fine you can disagree but when I was super competitive I could find a use for any unit and would find others at a high level use units that I would find remarkable. I wouldn’t dismiss all these units as garbage. Yes the majority of games Don’t utilize these units but I’ve seen and have used each of these units effectively to make the outcome a win.
  4. Deso+apocalypse = gg no re even yuris right? So why change them.
  5. They function differently. Rhinos are meant to beat grizzlies. You can’t really compare them from a balance perspective. In red alert 2 they built a lot faster, so you could try to out tank a sov about mid Game and win. But ultimately you had to tech to win. in yuris they built slower so you were more forced to tech. That’s why I like robot tanks cause they built at red alert 2 grizzly speed and I could take them on water.
  6. okay I used to play a lot and was very good back in Westwood online and xwis ladders so here is my take. flak troopers are amazing. Easy counter to allied air and crazy good vs Kirov airship Tesla troopers. Super essential to base crawling with soviet. Also good to nuke opponents power plants crazy Ivan’s. Stupid good at sniping derricks. Also good at make shift demo trucks robot tanks - don’t get me started on how utterly amazing these things are. Float on water, cheap and maneuverable. Have won many games using these as something to agitate with. tank destroyers, basically a cheap mirage tank. You there also so freakin. Good that you don’t need a lot. They tank desos well and freaking rip through any tank. Your silly to underestimate a tank destroyer Ava. Or avs. Tesla tanks. Talk about a all in one. Strong vs everything. When used with fodder . Will freaking be the last tank standing. terrorist - I mean talk about a buildings worst nightmare cheap and destructive. Just way point that shit to your enemy power and gg. Can be used as make shift demo trucks. Infantry beware. demo truck- a mini nuke. What else is there to say. Wanna get your opponent To stop thinking about something other then massing resources and trying to win? Build this defend it then show your opponent the true value of Libya with a mini nuke in the face. hope this shines light to all their values as a unit
  7. Would I have to install my cd version? Cause if I did that, then that would casue issues with features I am utilizing with XWIS.
  8. I don't quite understand whats going on, but how can I play on cncnet ra2? I have the xwis version and I have my cd with registration code, but last time I checked I still got migrated to the xwis server. Confused, long time ra2 player here.
  9. XWIS currently requires ladder players to use its downloadable version of the game (with a built-in automatic screen capture tool), which is either incompatible or lags horribly with Windows 8 setups. Thx ^^ wasn't sure how to explain it.
  10. I played since October, and when I started playing I had no problem with cussing. I have no idea what you're talking about tbh. Also the majority of players play RA1 and not RA2, because RA2 community is worse and theres a little chance a new players can become good like the veterans. This is completely false from my perspective. I've gone above and beyond to help new people at ra2 and from my experience... They either thought I cheated.... Or they just straight didn't listen. So no I disagree I know a lot of people help new comers. I am an old school ra2 player.
  11. RA1 just lacks diversity imo. It's tank spam worse then ra2 and if your not the allied team with increased building speed (Germany I think) or russia (price cuts) then you put yourself at a disadvantage.
  12. Depending on map you could go straight rhino tanks. Refinery it up till 3. Get a radar. Sell mcv and deso/script/rhino push. I'm an allied player thought so what do I know. Other than the last time I played yuris on xwis I smashed one of the top guys using robot tanks/grizz/mirage muhahaha. And Kirov is great to force your opponent to spend extra on anti air. One Kirov will force your opponent to spend over 2k in anti air. The trick as the opponent is to get anti air that is useful after the fact. For example. As an allied player I may look at rockies to intercept your Kirov so later I can use them. alternatively I could go a few ifvs. Use guardian gis. Underlay them under a Kirov and assuming I built 4 ifvs I can later use the guardian gis for a battle fortress. Just insight
  13. I've played ra1 through cnc.net but I was on xwis forums and saw a topic saying this site is trying to get online and a ladder going? Will this pose issues for someone running ra2 on windows 8? Will the official maps be used or wol? Auto ss required? I just ask cause I would much rather be playing ra2 on my pc. It runs windows 8.1 but from my experience I can't get it to run. And I would love a bigger group of players to play against (played everyone at least 1000000 times who is on xwis)
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