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Error with map - what does it mean?


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Someone just said 400? But i don't know.... maybe (if you got time) download the map in my map download thread for 5 player maps and count them... it is difficult because I used a lot of these "hanging together" trees so I dont really know if they also just count as 1.

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Tree Clusers (TC##) should count as one Terrain object. You can open the map's .ini file with notepad/wordpad and go to [Terrain] and than start counting to know how many are being used.


For RA1 the rules say 500 is the max Terrain objects. This is found in the Object Heap Maximums. For TibDawn best to ask Nyerguds.

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yeah, I ran into a similar cap with structures.  iirc the limit was 300.  the map would still play if you were over the limit, but it would only place the 1st 300 in the .ini on the map and you couldn't even deploy your MCV until you started destroying existing buildings!

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