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There are still classic C&C fans out there that don't know about all this


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There are still people out there that don't know that the classic C&C's do work on modern operating systems. Here's just one example of this:



I'm not just talking about the author of the video, I'm also talking about the viewers, who in another video, a comment was made about how RA2it might only work on WinXP. I've seen dozens of these videos and comments (and corrected them). My point is, for this community to grow (even more so), you (the player) should inform those C&C fans about this site.

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hi fir3 :). bring them here! and show them the youtube video that you made of my tutorial

I'm trying. I learned a lot from that vid :)


Get the word out guys. You don't need to do all the videos, only a few will make it go viral and spread on its own!

If only it were that eazy :D

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