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Westwood FTP Server


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You can find Patch updates, mp3, infos, previews, theme packs for windows and more.


This is the public Server from westwood, This is what's left of Westwood.


Please get what you want and don't ruin it for anyone.


If it's not being flooded you should see this:




and more.


Only up too 1000 users can access at the same time.



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Westwood's FTP is down half of the time not because of flooding, but because of some kind of internal conflict with EA's own FTP server. Half of the time it just connects to the EA one instead.


Use of the patches there is ill advised though, with the vast advances we've made in that area here. Well. Except for the CD versions of the post-TS games, I guess.


Not sure who locked this...

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