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Tiberian Dawn - Hard Invasion (Singleplayer)

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Another very old map, which had a nasty bug, that i wasn't able to fix until i recently spend some time in trigger testing.


On this map you get all types of reinforcements at the same time 8):


-Tanks, Rocket Launcher Humvees etc (see picture 2)


-using Hovercrafts sending infantry and tanks (see picture 3,5,8)


-using transport helicopter to send a commando team (see picture 5)

-A10s to take out base defenses and units (see picture 4,5)

-Orcas to take out enemy units (see picture 6,7)










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I think this one should first be fixed though... it's impossible to finish due to conflicting triggers. You need to destroy all Nod to win, but if you destroy one of the Nod bio labs you lose.


Not to mention, even if the bio lab were capturable, I'm pretty sure capturing also triggers the Destroyed trigger.

This issue could be solved simply by making the bio labs NOT Nod. After all, if you destroy all the rest anyway, the defenseless bio labs are "captured" too.


If he didn't give the player a commando you could use the Player Enters trigger to detect capturing, but the commando bombing also triggers that.

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