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Tiberian Sun scrolling annoyances


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There's a couple of technical things that makes TS very annoying for me to play.


First, edge scrolling north and south is noticeable faster then scrolling vest or east. How can I make the directional scrolling the same? I find it very irritating that it's not the same speed.


Secondly, the two options for right-click scrolling is both faulty. Method 1 is too hard to control when trying to make a circle, only straight direction scrolling works well. Method 2 is much more precise, however, even if you only move a single pixel to any direction then the camera will 'jump' half my screen on the initially command. I use a lower resolution, which makes it very noticeable. After the camera has initially 'jumped' a lot pixels, I can then control the scrolling without issue until I let go of the camera grip.




I really like TS, but the control input is not great at all, and it really should be made better if it's achievable. Let me know if you don't understand what I'm saying.

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Hi. I'm using CnCNet5. The graphics patches is set to 'disabled', however, I tried all of the others and it's the same thing.


Small clarification, when I say that right-click scrolling without Scroll Coasting on jumps a lot of pixels on the first initial movement then we're talking about something like 200 pixels give or take, I think.


It actually also seems that edge scrolling (with mouse) is slightly faster moving to the east than vest. So, fastest and equal speed = north and south. Second fastest speed = east. Slowest speed = vest.




A low resolution makes the scroll jump a lot more noticeable, because I just now tried a much higher resolution of 1680x1050 versus 840x525 before - and the '200 pixel jumps' becomes something like 20 pixels. It's still there, but hardly has noticeable at all.


Also, the edge scrolling issue is likewise also less noticeable at 1680x1050.

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