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Ra2 and Yuri´s Revenge Black Screen Windows 10


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I downloaded the ra2 and yuri´s revenge on Origen but whenever i start it its just black screen. I installed the cnc multiplayer and i could start a skirmish through it but when i try to open the game through origen its just black screen.

My os is win-10, Cpu: Intel Core i5-4200u,1.6Ghz , Craphics card: Nvidia Geforce 740m , 8gb ram.

PLz Help

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Try following these steps:




If that doesn't work use this method:


1. Copy the directory Red Alert 2 (Typically found in C:\Program Files (x86)) to somewhere outside of Program Files

2. Download the graphics patch from http://www.stuffhost.de/files/cnc/ and extract it into the directory that you just moved

3. Rename Yuri's Revenge to gamemd.exe, then run the patch to patch the game (for ra2, rename to game.exe)

4. Download http://bitpatch.com/ddwrapper.html zip file and extract the files to the directory that you've patched the game in

5. Edit aqrit.cfg in notepad and change these two settings to 1 as in below:

NoVideoMemory = 1

forcedirectdrawemulation = 1

6. Create a shortcut to the game and move it to your desktop

7. Go to properties and in 'Target' add at the end after " add -win

example Target: "C:\Users\Roberto\Desktop\Red Alert 2\gamemd.exe" -win

note the space between gamemd.exe" and -win

8. In the same Properties Tab:

Compatibility : Win Xp Service pack 2 (Seems to be most stable)

Reduced colour mode : 16bit

Run as Administrator

9. (Optional) Edit .ini file to change the resolution

10. Play the game

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Nvidia Geforce 740m seems to be a cause of it.

Someone else with the same GPU had the exact same issues a few days ago.

Tho i suspect any mobile GPU's will have this issue, mobile GPU's tend not to even work properly with modern games hence why almost every game on Steam says "Mobile GPUs are not supported".


If what hardman suggested doesn't work:

Try installing the latest Nvidia drivers from http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us

and then setting the resolution to 800x600 in the client options or manually by editing RA2MD.ini [Video] section to:




We were reported by the other person that after updating the drivers he managed to run the game but only at that resolution and nothing higher or lower.

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I might have a slightly different problem. I´m using win 7 and have recently acquired the Origin Ultimate collection due to my discovery that many of the cnc games are censored in the German version. In any case I´ve finished the campaigns yet again and discovered cncnet a couple of days ago. So obviously I want to play RA2YR revenge online. However, though I could play RA2 and YR with the regular installation just fine in both LAN, skirmish and campaign, the majority of Multiplayer matches that I start, using cncnet, I end up with a black screen and sound. Is there a fix for this issue? Like I said I have no problem playing the game without cncnet in 1600x900 resolution with the lanpatch installed. I'm playing on a laptop with a Nvidia Geforce GT 740m card.

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The -win command-line switch kept causing my game to crash when I moved the mouse to the bottom of the screen, don't know if that's fixed now. There was an additional file to stabilize the window mode by removing borders or something, but that didn't work for me either. But yeah, XP SP3 compatibility with Run as Admin are vital to get the game running on Windows 10. Good luck !

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