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[AWOS]Gaming Date's.


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Ok this topic is pretty much for you user's to tell other member's of are community, When and how long you are online, Gaming.


Reason i'm doing this is so. Community people and other player's know when a user will be online or a group of users., And does not have to wait around on an empty server For ages!

This is because there server isnt getting advertise alot, And doing this way might incourage more user's to connect, Game and join the community!


So here is a short description of my time.


From 2pm till 5AM - GMT

7 day's a week.


That's an example.. And also my description.


So everybody please post up :)

-Thank's -sys

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Yes it can be made,

It's been done only not completed.

Has i have no clue in php.

Read a few book's on function's and socket's.

So basicly got it connecting to a WWOL connection. Joining chanell and getting nicknames online and game's..


But it's not parsing nickname's and information correctly.

Only splitting data.



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