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No go !!!


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Be4 all, i'm new around so i'm sorry if i ask a question that has been asked already.

      Need some help whit the game. (RA2 & Yuri from EA).Downloaded yesterday along whit Origin but i have a problem.

        The game runs for about 15min and after that, al off a sudden. freezez. Had to restart the PC  first time, and second time, i managged to turn it of whit Task Manager...There is no error message of any kind.

      Can't find any cncnetclient.log in game directory.

      I didnt try online gaming (actulay, dont think i konw how:) since it doesnt work skirmish or else...

      Useing Win7 64bit, 4G DDR3, GeForce 750Ti.

            Any toughts ???


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start the game, then minimize and open the task manager, look for the process of the game (game.exe for ra2 and gamemd.exe for yuri), right click and set cpu affinity to cpu0 (make sure all others are unchecked)


This works for all the other games which have the same random freeze problem. I didn't test it with red alert 2 but it's worth a try

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I tryed your way but coudnt do anything, denied acces or something like that. But i did something else and it seems it's working : Task Manager - Right click on game.exe - Proprieties - - run as administrator ! 

If's there any change, i gonna get back whit updates.



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