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Lobby Failure


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seeing all games while in a room is a much desired feature. has been on the my wishlist since I started playing cnc, a long long time ago.


now we send someone to look and report back.


when it is slow it would help the most, to consolidate games and players.


when in the lobby that information comes anyway and looking for a few seconds while in a game room would be an insignificant amount more.

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That was removed on purpose, but it will be added back when the next update is done


Might be possible, the lobby has the code for that but i removed it longer time ago to reduce the network traffic


Ist horrible annoying,  always a game is open many Players come in and leave, some 5 times , to see what map or players in it.


And I must do same to see map.


Please set back that feature that u can see map and players in a open game from Lobby.

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