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Ok, Ok, I found my Tiberian sun CD's and CD keys, I always knew that Westwood would  be taking down the servers but its hard to believe that someone has not made a private server or anything. i play 1 on 1 with my roommate just in a lan basis. its getting rather boring being he has not strat. or anyhting.. so my question is is there any prv. servers that it is pretty active? and what needs to be done to connect to these servers if there is. also i was looking for a map maker and maybe the thing that made it so 6-8 people can play. i forget all the names of these programs and what not. it has been so long. but i REALLY want to get back into it. ill be on this site being it seems to be the most active (that i have found) about CnC games..  if you wish to just E-mail me about this my e-mail is [email protected] maybe someone can fill me in and get me up to speed on Tibsun and this site..  although i did read the sites history page. maybe a little more info would be good




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