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Need help to install the single player campaign!


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Hello C&C Community!


Yesterday I realized that this beautiful game that I played 15 years ago was available for free, and on Mac! Happy days I thought, downloaded the game and it worked. I can play online, skirmish and those options, but I wanted to play the campaign as well, to really relive my childhood.


I downloaded RA1installer.exe from redalert1.com but when I run it my unzip program The Unarchiver tries to unpack it and fails. The error message reads;

"The contents of the file "RA1installer.exe" can not be extracted with this program."

I also tried to unzip it using the Terminal on the Mac, but that did not work either.


Does anyone know a solution to this problem, could it be as simple as trying another unzip program? Usually The Unarchiver tackles anything I throw at it, password protected or not, so i'm surprised it couldn't handle this installer...


Please help me relive my early teenage years!



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Hi! Welcome to the forums :D


There are multiple ways to get the full game on your mac:


1. Use RA1installer.exe with the wrapper from PaulTheTall http://paulthetall.com/red-alert-mac/

2. Use RA1installer.exe with PlayOnMac http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/playonmac_playonlinux/

3. Use RA1installer.exe with Crossover (not free) https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac

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