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Infantry Class Identification Icons


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I have noted that both Game & Mod developers, testers, and the general public have had issues with identifying infantry that look similar in design in the RTS field of games.


I worked with Mods such as Vietnam Glory Obscured which used Infantry Class Identification Icons to help with this issue.




Also, Cold War Crisis uses the exact same method, as you may know.




I first found those icons annoying to see as I thought it ruined the surrounding environment seeing a bunch of colored icons dancing around on the screen. I also realized it disabled the natural strategic effect of infantry hiding in the shrubbery or behind buildings as the floating icons were a dead giveaway. But I do see the benefits of this feature as it does help with specialized unit selection. I will be willing to attempt to remake this feature for Tiberian Dawn Redux even though I worry it will take away from the original C&C feeling. Also, if I can possibly make the icons visible to only the owning player, I will consider using it.


Feedback is appreciated...

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Can't you do it like in C&C1? The infantry in C&C1 is pretty obviously colour-coded.


The minigunner has nothing special (except maybe the black rifle), the grenadier has a very visible blue grenade belt, the Bazooka has this giant light-grey bazooka, the engineer has the yellow hat, the flamer has white tanks and weapon, the chem-warrior has the same thing in green, plus the black gas mask.


I think if you make sure these colours catch the eye easily, it might work out well. I'd say, don't be afraid to give them bright colours.

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