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It'd probably be a bit of a stretch to assume emergence of this AuF imposter somehow due to the aforementioned post on Xwis.


My guess is some CnCNet member just fancied your clan organizing in the lobby and decided to fake his way into this suddenly active clan. The NRA and AuF clan tags have definitely helped give more of a PRO type feeling to the CncNet lobby. I mean it's definitely nice to see users organizing themselves with clan tags. Hell, I was about to ask one of you guys myself if I could make an AuF nick.


I wouldn't worry too much about it though. I know registrations will be required once the CnCNet ladders are released. I guess people would still be able to register a fake nick with the clan tag still, but it'd be more of a deterrent for someone to waste their time registering a new nick every time they feel like copying a new clan they happen to see.


Btw, I think all that hassle they gave you was bullshit in that Xwis post. Influenced me to make this topic that got locked right after.




of course I was just giving them crap myself. lol, good luck to your clan. Hopefully they'll make private clan forums and clan ladders here on CnCNet.

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This is one of the weaknesses CnCNet has had for a very long time. FunkyFr3sh's lobby (C&C1, RA, TS) kind of solves this issue by telling you what nicks people have used previously so you can clearly see if the user likes to impersonate others or maybe figure out who they are. The ladder support can also give some insight.


Rampastring's lobby doesn't have this functionality.

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