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Need help getting C&C Red Alert running on Windows 10. Full info below.



I just downloaded C&CRA from here:




I chose full install, both discs.  Install completed with no error messages but when I boot the program and get error message 'Please check your Permissions, Anti-Virus & Firewall Settings!  Would you like to restart the Launcher with administrators rights to avoid errors?'  I select yes and the home screen showing online/offline/editor etc displays.  I click 'offline' and nothing happens.  No error messages/blank screens etc, it just acts as if I never clicked the button/the home screen also disappears. 


Windows 10 Home Version 1511

OS Build 10586.36

Processor AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.30 GHz

RAM: 4 GB 3.6 Useable4

64 Bit OS , x64 based processor. 


Settings in the game set to default as installed. 


I downloaded 'lost files' and ran ra95-TLF.exe.  Not sure if it successfully applied as I haven't been able to get the game to work yet! 


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Try to run it once in online mode and play a game there, see if that works. Afterwards try offline again


There is a bad LAN patch around that can cause such problems, make sure you don't copy a file named "wsock32.dll" into your game folder


Thank you for your reply. 


After wiping and reinstalling the game it now works.  However when playing the expansion missions I don't see the videos of the respective generals e.g. Carville doing their introduction, instead I get a text screen.  Is there a way of adding these videos at all? 


The videos play after I finish certain missions and on the original game issues with Stavros and the German guy btw. 

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Those videos were never in the PC game. I just made an addon pack that added them.


Yeah, I wondered if they were just in the PSX version. 

Oh cool, I salute your technical expertise.  Beyond my own certainly.  Care to share/give instructions as to how one might do the same? 

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I think the RA in the full installer supports the pack somehow, but I honestly don't know how; I just converted the videos and shipped them with a hacked exe that REPLACED the original campaign video filenames in the internal list. In that version I'm fairly sure they ADDED them, but I dunno how you need to put the actual files in; if they need to be renamed or something.


Funky? You got any ideas on this?

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