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Extra game modes!


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Would you be open to additional game modes?


On a mod I made, I added

an infantry only battle,

a tank only battle,

a battle where there was no nuke or weather control or psychic dominator,

Unholy alliance (without the awkwardness of building every building in all 3 factions to get every unit unlocked),

A battle where you had a large start sum of money, but no ore harvesting.


Also if cncnet offered theses game modes or others, would they be accepted by the community or rejected by the purists?

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how about a game mode where its only a naval battle? You could force it with the map editor alone....just

tanks and troops only no air  naval or super weps

both tech start

capture the flag

destroy mobile hq

troop mode only

low tech

no base speed increse ie only 1conyard speed and mcv available only after tech centre  

special units import super units rom ra1


u can add so much variety with modes but only some will be awesome  some wont, so its good to find out which , before u make them popular

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