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did wittle wod wes-q complain cause he was getn picked on


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Yeeah... no. Stop that. No personal attacks of any kind. I'm gonna start seriously enforcing this rule.


Common Rules:

- Do not spam

- Do not double post unless at least 12 hours have passed.

- Do not insult or otherwise attempt to incite negative reactions.

- Use the report button to report violations of rules.

- Please use common sense.

- Please post in English.

- Please refrain from posting in topics that are more than two weeks old unless you have something valuable to add to the discussion or you are the original poster.


Violations of the "Common Rules" might not incite any reaction from a moderator at first, but repeated violations will be acted upon.




1st Warning: This is a "friendly" Warning, You may get an PM about the problem.

2nd Warning: If you get so far you may get a not so friendly PM, and a 3 day suspension.

3rd Warning: 3 weeks suspension.

4th Warning: Ban.


Consider this a warning. Try following the advice in your own signature, and be more constructive.

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