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Corrupted saved games

Milkey Wilkey

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I don't save often, but now I did and have to load. and the game just crashed. and this happens every time I try to load it. that's sad, because I saved last time not even in a previous mission. I know there was altered battle.ini for original version that let's you play any mission you want, but I don't know how to enable this in the TS client version

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You can just edit INI\Battle(FS).ini, just like in the original game. The only thing that's different in enabling selection of all missions is that the path to the mission in the Scenario= key is different, but all the missions are in the Maps\Missions\ folder so it's simple to edit. Basically, the value of all Scenario= keys has be Maps\Missions\<map name> .


If you feel like INI editing is too hard for you, you can also just go to the Maps\Missions\ folder and rename the maps so that the campaign starts in a different mission. For example, if you want to launch TS GDI mission 6a, rename gdi1a.map to something else (like gdi1a_old.map), and then rename gdi6a.map to gdi1a.map. Then launch the TS GDI campaign from the Client (without allowing it to fix the version mismatch).

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